18 April 2009

Kinda in Shock Still!

So, when I applied for the U.Discover program and received an invite to interview, my first thought was "wow, I guess they didn't have many applicants". My faculty sponsor (also my Immigration professor) announced to our class that I received a spot in the U.Discover program. After class, a girl from my Child Welfare class last semester came up to me smiling and said "You know you beat out the very best of the Honors program to get that, don't you?" Hah! No, I sure didn't. Apparently, while I've been living under a rock, the U.Discover program is one of the most competitive undergrad programs on campus and is the sought-after feather in the hat of every Honors student at USD. Holy Hannah! The girl that talked to me about it said she got a spot two years ago and it has swung open many, many doors for her. *swoon*

I knew if I got an interview, I could hustle a spot but I really had NO CLUE that this was so competitive. No wonder the committee was cracking up when I answered the "how did you hear about this program?" with "I literally tripped over your sign in Old Main four days before the deadline and figured 'why not?' " Luckily for me, the committee chair had actually tripped on that same sign apparently so I didn't seem quite as klutzy as we all know that I am!

So, yeah, apparently I'm a better hustler than I thought! I guess I'll just have to work extra hard for all the underdogs who apply after me :) I'm seriously shocked that I beat out a bunch of Honors students! Just the regular students here are pretty competitive with a strong work ethic. The Honors students are serious business!

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~liz said...

Good for you!!!!