23 April 2009

Our Little Plot of Earth

I spent weeks trying to learn exactly what to do and when with my little plot of dirt at the community garden. I'm bound and determined to not only grow stuff, but grow them efficiently. Well, after all that research, I have settled on the Haphazard Gardening Method. For those of you unfamiliar with this form of gardening, it involves saying "forget it" to all the planning and just putting seeds in the dirt and putting water on it. I plan to continue watering it and see what happens.

The kids really enjoyed the walk to the garden and I even managed to get Rejeanne to listen to me! I actually got a two year old to understand "walk around, not on" the other people's gardens!! I consider that a minor miracle, especially since Rejeanne tends to not be particularly obedient when you really need her to be! Cyrus slept most of the time and then just chilled in the stroller babbling at us the rest of the time. He's a pretty mellow little guy. Lee's planting was less haphazard than mine, so we shall see who prevails!

While I'd love to enjoy the flowers and veggies and fruits we planted, I'll be impressed if the stuff will even put off a couple leaves. I'm not known for a green thumb, that much is certain!

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~liz said...

Ah, but Lee has had garden growing education from his grandparents at an early age! You will have success!!!!