12 May 2008

Almost there!

We've almost got the boy named! Lee is totally winning on the name front so far. I hope the labor is easy because naming the baby is generally the award for pushing it out! Anyways, if you want to weigh in on the narrowed down name list, there is a new poll on the right. I'm trying not to be superstitious about having baby stuff in my house before the baby is born. I have a couple things hanging around and nothing bad has happened yet, so hopefully nothing will. I'm pretty serious about my superstitions!

Back to the name! I didn't have Rejeanne's name totally picked out until about a week or so before she was born and I started working on it as soon as I got pregnant. This naming thing is a lot of work! I wanted to name her Kailani or Cassia, but Crimson really wanted to name her Cassandra. Crimson won that one. I wanted to name her a French name and after my aunt Jeannie (I also had an aunt Jeanne, but I never met her) but I wanted to skip the Aladdin jokes, so I had to decide between Eugenie and Rejeanne. I also thought maybe I would never ever have a boy, so I should try to use Brian or Hallen for the girl, so I was going to use the Welsh name Briallen (it's pretty and it means 'Primrose'). Then the hardest part was the "naming kids after my grandmother and her sisters" trend. I only had Elizabeth and Elvera left to use (or Lillie or Hilda). I figured there were so many Elizabeths between the two families that I should use that, but I was really wanting a Hawaiian name, so I figured I'd find a Hawaiian form of Elizabeth, and that's how we got to Elia. So, she went from being Kailani Rejeanne something, to Cassia Rejeanne Elizabeth, to Cassandra Rejeanne Elizabeth, to Cassandra Rejeanne Briallen, to Cassandra Rejeanne Elia. *whew* See how hard that was? I guess my point is that the pressure is worse because this is the first boy (and likely the last baby) and I change my mind a lot, so it's not final until it's on the birth certificate.

In case you were wondering, Crimson's name was easier because I though she was a boy the whole time and only had a month to pick a girl name! I called her Cain for the first part of the pregnancy and wanted to still name her that when I found out she was a girl. She ended up being Crimson Alexandria Eleanor. Crimson because it was uncommon but I wouldn't have to spell it a lot, Alexandria because that is what I wanted to name Kellie but didn't because her dad's family had too many Alejandras, and Eleanor after my favorite relative. That was pretty easy :)

I guess since I rambled about the rest, I'll ramble about Kellie too! I was going to name her Alicen Hildur Ottilia, but I wussed out. Then I decided I'd name her a name I had NEVER heard before: Cailley (pronounced Kaylee). So, I told my boyfriend at the time that I was going to name her Cailley and he looked at me like I was nuts and said "Why don't you just name her Kelly, everyone is going to think that is what you are trying to say anyways!" So, I decided he was probably right and named her Kellie. Boy, she is soooooooo happy to not be a Cailley! I think about 90% of girls her age are Kaylee/Katie/Kylie/Kayla/Michaela/Caylin/Caitlin. At the time, I had NO CLUE how popular the name I had never heard before was! Anyways, her whole name was Kellie Alicen Helena (Helena is one of my grandmother's middle names. Her first name was Lola, but the Kinks killed that name permanently). When she was adopted, they changed it to Kellie Allison (her mom's name is Allison). Weirdly enough, she never knew her second middle name was Helena, but ended up naming her cat that.

So, um...world's longest name post or what?

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