22 May 2008

I have this weird feeling that Rejeanne is going to bust out with a perfectly formed paragraph any day now. In the last week, she's started saying soooooo many new words and TONS of two word sentences. They sort of came out of thin air too! I can have a conversation with her sometimes (when she feels like it). I ask her if she went potty and sometimes she will say "I poo" which doesn't mean what you think it would mean, but just means her diaper is wet. I asked her if she found her blanket today and she said "I did". Then I answered some question of Lee's with "I know" and then Rejie said "I know" right after. She's been saying "I see" for awhile because it is the first couple words in her favorite book. It just seems like this whole talking concept has really escalated in the last couple days.

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