26 May 2008

No one thought it could ever happen!

I finished the quilt top for Cyrus' quilt!! I designed this quilt for Rejeanne but never got it completed because of working full-time and having a gimpy back as soon as I started working on it again. Luckily, someone else made one for Rejeanne and she is extremely attached to the one she has. I made a quilt for Crimson when she was a baby too. I didn't know she was going to be a girl (I was actually soooooo sure she was a boy) and I made her quilt with a boy in mind. When I was done, my former mom-in-law and I looked at it and both thought it was very, very girly even though it was blue, green and purple. Good thing Crimson wasn't a boy!

Anyways, apparently if I think "girl quilt" it turns out kinda boyish as well because this quilt, in spite of being full of flowers, doesn't say girl to me at all! Maybe it is all the frogs!
The hard part is over! All I have to do is the border, assemble it and tie it. I'll take pics of the completed quilt as soon as it is done. I'm guessing it will be done in the next two weeks. It will have to be done before Crimson gets here in any case.

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