16 May 2008

Rejeanne has been in full effect so far today. She conducted a mom's arm/cell phone/alarm clock experiment, which was hilarious, but completely undescribable. She blew raspberries on my belly which her brother HATED. He curled up or something in there. It felt really weird. Then she did a drumming performance on my belly. Then, as soon as she stopped, she turned away and said in a sing-songy, imitation-of-mom-voice, "Don't do that, Rejie". I was laughing so hard I was crying at that point. Apparently, she thought the drum solo should have gotten her in a little bit of trouble. Rejeanne is notorious for doing naughty stuff and telling herself "no!". One time, she took my purse and Lee gave her the stern voice, she promptly set the purse down and pointed at it saying "no! no!" very vigorously. Clearly, the purse was the troublemaker that day. I wish her knowing she's not supposed to do something would actually stop her, but it doesn't. Not even close! She's just so cute and funny when she does stuff (even the naughty stuff) that it's hard to not appreciate her determination and spunk. The camera is put back together now, so if she is still having a spunky day after her nap, I might be able to get some evidence :)

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