24 May 2008

Why does Billy Ray Cyrus have to exist? Everytime someone asks "What are you naming the baby?" and I say "Cyrus", the response has consistantly been "What?", then I say "Cyrus", and then they say, "Like Billy Ray??". *sigh* For the record, I would never name my son after a man who had two kids by two different women in the same year, who sings country music and especially after the man responsible for that vile tragedy known as "Achy Breaky Heart". Until last night, I wasn't aware that he did Achy Breaky Heart, I just knew he was a country singer and Hannah Montana's dad. Now that I know he did Achy Breaky Heart and that even people who don't listen to country IMMEDIATELY think of this guy when they hear the name "Cyrus", I really don't want to use it now. Like REALLY, REALLY don't want to use it.

The Cyrus I had in mind when naming the boy was a Persian king considered a messiah by the Jewish people because of his amazing nature, he allowed religious freedom in his kingdom thousands of years before anyone else ever did it again, and has been written about in history and the Bible as a benevolent leader above any other in grace, kindness and leadership. As far as I know, he didn't have two chicks knocked up at the same time.

Seriously, Billy Ray needs a name change because I can't think of a better name for my son (and Lee would probably cry if I didn't name him Cyrus)

The other option would be if people could please make Evan NOT be the 14th most popular name in the country. That would rock.

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