24 May 2008

Rejeanne has had "cookies" less than 5 times in her entire life, this includes the Animal Crackers. I'm not a fan of feeding kids sugary foods but she is also allergic to milk products (including butter, the main ingredient of cookies!). On the rare occasion she had eaten an actual cookie, it's been more like a cookie crumb. The very first time was around Christmas last year and she instantly learned the word "cookie". Everytime she sees Animal Crackers in the store, she starts talking about cookies. Tonight, she reached for the bag and said "MINE!" and then "cookie!"

For some reason -- I'm guessing the low, low price of $1.82 for 2 pounds of Animal Crackers -- I let her have the bag. She held it close in the store, cried while it was being rung up by the cashier, and held it tightly all the way home. I've never seen her cling to anything quite so tightly, so I figured I should catch the moment of Rejeanne's deep love of "cookies". (Animal Crackers are the only "cookies" that are safe for her to eat that I have found so far)

I think it's going to last her all summer. That is a TON of cookies!

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