19 May 2009

Dumbest Idea Ever

Okay, so in case you haven't noticed, I'm rather sick of Rejeanne staying up all hours. So, in my unnatural state of sleep deprivation and my morbid curiosity, I gave up around 1:30 this morning and let her out of her room. She was really cuddly and kissy and I figured she'd fall asleep. Nope, not so much. She's running around the living room behind me, squealing with joy. Take note folks, it's 3:50am. Since we've gone this long, I really just want to see exactly how long she can go without sleep. She's already out done my highest expectations. *yawn*


Jessica Bair said...

Have you taken her outside like I said to. That's the only thing i can think of. She needs to be outside a few hours each day. If she's taking naps during the day stop giving them to her so she'll sleep at night.

Claire Wessel said...

Yup, she's getting outside more and we cut her nap in half. She didn't want to take a nap today even though she only slept about 2.5 hours last night. She's got some serious determination to not sleep. That's for sure.