13 May 2009

Still Here :)

Well, the doctors didn't kill me :) They said they had to keep upping the anesthesia to keep me calm though. When I get there, they tell me they're going to use sedation (Versed, etc) instead of general anesthesia. I told them I have PTSD and I get very freaked out by catheters so it probably wouldn't go well that way, but hey, I've never tried it. Judging by what I was saying and the panic attack I was having when I started to come out of it, I think I know why they had to up it. Stupid PTSD *sigh* It's better than it used to be at least :)

My bladder is hanging in there but there is definitely interstitial cystitis going on. On the upside, the procedure doesn't seem to have kicked off anything so let's hope it stays that way. I'm sooooo glad that is over with. Now I get to focus on my summer goals!!! woooohooooooooo!!!!!!! I love summer.

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