13 May 2009

For Rejeanne

Dearest Rejeanne,

You stayed up playing for 5 hours after your bedtime last night *again*. I think I have figured out the nuances of your methods of ignoring me though (finally!). I have a feeling we're going to work this out soon. Also, you're a beautiful girl. You make me really happy and feel so loved. Thanks for grabbing my hand when you came with Dad to pick me up at the doctor's. Thanks for kissing my owie from the IV and whimpering with your mean face on at the nurse when she took the final set of vital signs. You are a kind, brave girl and I'm very lucky to be your mom.

Love, Mom-Mom


Jessica Bair said...

How do I get my kids to sleep by no later than 9:00? Run 'em wild at the park or backyard until 7:00ish, give them a bath, put on a movie while eating a snack, read a book and put to bed by 8:30. It works well unless they nap later than 4:00. I try not to let that happen except on Sundays when we don't lay down until 2:00 or so. Then I will let them stay up an hour later while I rock them. GIve it a try, it might work. The most important part is getting them outside running and playing alot.

Claire Wessel said...

That is what I've been telling Lee! Basically, she isn't workin' off the energy so she doesn't want to sleep! Now that I'm done with the doctor thing and can take all the meds again (talk about something you don't miss until it's gone! UGH!!), I'm pretty sure this is gonna be the next experiment to get her a little more sleepy!