21 May 2009

Watch What You Say Around Rejeanne!

Rejeanne doesn't really talk TO us. She babbles a lot and has Spongebob reinactments, but actual verbal communication is not really her thing right now. She has never been able to let us know if she doesn't feel well or if something is bothering her. At most, she'll throw a huge hissy fit, but since she does that about 20 times a day, it's hard to separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak. So, before I actually turn myself into Matron Gertrude and become the night-night Nazi, I decided to take her to the doctor today to make 100% sure this insomnia was behavioral and not a physical reaction to something else. Keep in mind, she didn't sleep AT ALL last night. She sacked out for about an hour at 9:30 this morning though. Still, three days with hardly any sleep at all and none for more than about 2-3 hours at a time! So, the doctor gave her the all clear and told me it's behavioral and gave me instructions on how to break her spirit and such. Rejeanne was sitting on my lap the whole time he's saying this stuff.

So, anyone think it is coincidence that the doc says "take away the spongebob unless she sleeps at night, then use it for a morning reward with a special snack and never let her out of that room until morning" and Rejeanne only came out once tonight, I reminded her that the doc says there's nothing wrong so she has to go back to bed, and she didn't come out again? Silence even, NO after dark performances! Coincidence? I think not. Turns out she understands far, far, far more than I even knew. She just doesn't want to talk to us, but the ears are working and the wheels are turning.

Rejeanne, if you are reading this, (for all I know she can read too!), I got your number, kiddo! The jig is up.


Anne Basso said...

LOL, now that is funny. That's a smart little girl you've got there. Watch out!

~liz said...

She does love her Sponge Bob! Please do me a favor...I hope you and Lee talk up that I am coming, and oh what fun we will have, so she is not too overwhelmed by my appearance...