05 May 2009

Letter to The Toddler

Dear Rejeanne,

How is it that you can go to bed at 8:30pm yet find so many things to do in there that you stay awake until 2:00am? What is so interesting? There are no toys. There is nothing really but your bed, Crimson's bed and two dressers and a couple chairs. How is this enough to keep you awake and entertained for FIVE AND ONE HALF HOURS?????

Furthermore, how are you able to fall asleep at 2:00am and still get up at 7:00 or 8:00am, just like you used to do when you'd actually fall asleep at bedtime? How is this possible? Do you have insomnia? Are you waiting for us to go to bed so you can embark on some adventure that I have not noticed yet? Are you excited because it is springtime?

Tell me, dearest Rejeanne, how will I ever get a decent night's sleep again? You are so crafty that I am afraid to sleep until I *know* you are asleep. Especially now that you are able to scale our 6 ft tall bookshelves.

*yawn* I love you Rejie, but please, please, please, GO BACK TO SLEEPING MORE THAN 6 HOURS A NIGHT!


Anonymous said...

I really, really love this. This is so precious! Rejie will so enjoy reading this when she gets older. What a clever idea. I hope you will write more. You write so well.

~liz said...

oh, this is liz...

Anne Basso said...

You have my sympathy. I loathe and dread the non-sleeping spells.