16 May 2009

Rejeanne the Insomniac

So, it's 1:00am. Rejeanne is still awake. She's not making much noise in there tonight but she's definitely awake. Lee thought he heard a choking noise so he went in there to check on her. Do you want to know what he found?

Rejeanne standing on her bed with her diaper down at her knees bending over shaking her naked butt towards the door and making choking/growling type sounds. Apparently as soon as she heard the door crack open she tried to pull up her diaper as fast as she could and flopped down to pretend she was asleep, with one cheek still hangin' out of course!

So, I guess the mystery of "what in the heck does she do in there for 5 hours with no toys" has been solved.

1 comment:

~liz said...

Hymmn, still a mystery to me! ;-)