27 May 2009

Let's hope this never happens but...

if I were to ever have twins, I'd name them Jinx and Lucky (if it were a boy and a girl), Jinx & Jezebel (2 girls), and probably Lucky & Soren (2 boys) or maybe Brigham and Zion.

So, to answer the question - No, I'm not pregnant and if I were let's hope it wouldn't be twins!!!

However, if anyone uses those names on their twins and sends me proof, there's a cash prize in it for ya!


Anne Basso said...

LOL. I'm not someone who hopes for twins, either. I have no idea what I'd name them. I'm only having one right now and I'm drawing a blank for names.

Claire Wessel said...

Twins would be fun to dress alike, but my friend Gwen has twins so I can just send her some outfits and beg for pictures :) I'm kinda in love with Nameberry.com. The site still has a few kinks in it but groovy names :)